Landscaping Schedule and Guidelines

All Schedules are provided as they are received the vendor.

Botanica Palm Tree Pruning

Please review the following Landscaping and Lawn Irrigation Tips and Guidelines for helpful information.

Please be aware that factors such as rain – particularity during the summer months, which bring the rainy season to SWFL – may cause delays or variations in these schedules.

If you have any questions of concerns about the schedule or service issues, please contact our onsite CAM


Estate Landscaping Schedule to follow a winter schedule bi-monthly lawn cuts until lateFebruary. June-Sept dual week schedule.


******Palm Trees die and need to be replaced.  Because of fungus, the homeowner must keep the 3 palms in the front, yet one can change the species if death occurs.  Like for like.  More information:   PalmtreeFusarium_Wilt